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Default Good hair lotions that are light

for everyday styling i wanted a lighter hair lotion because with afroveda and qhemet i feel like they are too heavy and good just for sealing my hair

i was thinking about getting oyins honey dew

and bee mine moisture cream idk what do you think??
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Definitely the Hair Dew.
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I like Jane Carter Ultra Light Hair Dress
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Originally Posted by ellepixie View Post
Definitely the Hair Dew.
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The ingredients in the oyin hair dew look yummy.

Curls souffle might also be an option. It's very light, but moisturizing. I don't know how you would feel about the glycerin, but I've been using it in frigid nyc temperatures and my hair still feels great.
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I was going to suggest the hair dew. I didn't buy it (nor I'm I going to) but it seems all the rage right now

brown butter beauty has a detangling milk leave in conditioner that you might like as well
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I bought CJ's CCCC Lite for this purpose, but I haven't tried it yet. Due to her products being on the rich side, I probably couldn't use it everyday...like maybe every other day or every 2 days and just spritz with a little water in-between to avoid product overload (I'm not a fan of water spritzes). Of course, it depends on how heavy-handed one is. This and the Hair Dew both contain aloe vera and oils. The Hair Dew is glycerin-free, not sure about CCCC Lite.

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I really like this leave-in conditioner and hair milk from Darcy's Botanicals.

I really want to place an order with Oyin soon, though, and the honey dew lotion is definitely going to be on my list!
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Komaza Coconut Curl Lotion or CJCCCC Lite.
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