how to acheive twist outs that hang down?

everytime i do my twist outs, no matter how small or big, they never hang down ! then just poof outt ! how can i achieve loose twist out that hang downn ? helpp !
everytime i do my twist outs, no matter how small or big, they never hang down ! then just poof outt ! how can i achieve loose twist out that hang downn ? helpp !
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After setting your hair in the twists, try securing the twists closer to your head with large bobby pins or large snap clips (see pic below of snap clips). Also tie down the twists with a scarf. When you take the twists loose, try not to separate them too many times (maybe two or three separations) and don't get too zealous with the fluffing. Just do enough to hide any parts.


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You can flat twist the roots the way you want your hair to hang.

Part 1: YouTube - Flat Twist Out - How To (1/2)

Part 2: YouTube - Flat Twist Out - How To- Results 2/2
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i second flat twisting. ♥
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I've noticed with my hair the less I separate my twists, the more hang I get. Say, I only separate my twists twice instead of 4 times, I get more hang than poof. Flat twist outs give more hang as well.

a thing to keep in mind is that my twist outs can hang more as hair gets longer (at least that's what happened for me). in the meantime, i agree that using flat twists rather than individual ones is probably the way to go.
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sometimes its just the nature of the hair . My twistouts dont really hang until day 2 or 3 and by hang I mean get big, The only way my hair will ever hang is if there is heat on it.

What I do sometimes is the night after wearing my twistout for the first day, I flat twist it at night, in the morning my hair looks bigger and a little longer than the first day.
i wear a scarf and that pushes the hair down by my face. My hair comes down past my ears but not quite touching my shoulders and my hair always lies flat but i use the scarf because there's always that one braid on the top that flops around w/o a direction to go in lol, the scarf helps keep it in place. Also, braiding downwards instead of out will help as well. Good luck!!

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