How-To Help: Long Box Braids w/ Extensions (X-Post)

I want to put my hair in box braids for the summer. I really like the way Solange's hair looked here
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But, I can't find any braiding hair that long. If I use the hair I've found, I'll have to add more hair to each braid as I braid. Does anyone know how to extend the hair so that it looks as neat and uniform as Solange's hair does all the way down to the end? Or does anyone know where I can get super-long braiding hair?

P.S. I live in MS so I don't have local access to great hair stores like in GA, NY, CA, TX, etc.
Regular kanekalon hair will work. I usually use the Black&Gold brand. When I use it straight out of the pack, the braids go a bit past my booty crack. As long as you don't cut it, it should be long enough.
Silky Jumbo Braid - 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair - $1.79 - at Texas Beauty Supplies

The link is an example of what I mean.

I don't know if u know about this but after u put your small section of hair (away from the hair bulk) take that small section and section it into two. Slide the sections (parallel in opposite directions) so they are offset to elongate it. This will give the ends a more realistic look and added the length u want. Hope that made since. Did it?

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@maysay thanks for the reply. I have really fine hair, and I was wondering if maybe for me human hair would be better? I've been looking for human hair (and it's nowhere near as long as I want it), but only b/c so far I've heard bad things about using synthetic hair if your hair easily breaks off like mine does.

@NaturalNstinct if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, I always do that when I braid (microbraids, kinky twists, etc.). It never extends the hair much further than my shoulders. I'm looking for a way to extend the extensions to my waist.
I use the bibi brand of 100% kanekalon hair and trust me it's long enough if you don't cut it. Mine went past my butt
I have a lot of fine strands and the synth hair was really hard on it when i got individual braids esp. if it was done tightly.

I'd go with shorter human hair rather than the longer heavy kanekelon(sp?) because in a 'fight' between your own hair & the added, the plastic hair will win.
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