I need help!! :(

Okay, well my mother needs help.

She has been experiencing split ends and breakage more than usual, lately. She thinks this is due to her use of protein based products and shmapoos lately. In particular the Aphogee line of products and a line she learned about on Oprah by Andre Walker (I believe called Andre Walker's Hair). She hadnt been using his moisturizer though.

The problem I see is that she has been using a lot of protein and not nearly enough moisture. she washes her hair once every three weeks with a sulfate shampoo (from Andre's line, because his oil moisturizer has silicones in it..but she wasnt using the oil moisturizer until yesterday. So thats a lot of stripping her hair for no reason, I think personally) and thats also the only time she conditions or deep conditions. She used to use oil once a week but its been months since then and she doesnt do it now.

My advice to her was to use more moisture, more frequently. I said she needs to deep condition once a week at least (some people do twice a week) with a non-protein deep conditioner (I think she has been ODing on protein for the last several months). And also follow up with a leave in conditioner and seal with oil at least 1-2 times a week. And ditch the sulfates for a while. I think that would take care of breakage and split ends (she got her hair trimmed yesterday).

She has also been experiencing hair thinning, which is not common in our family even at 47. She had an appointment with the dermotologist but cancelled (work realted reasons) and I am going to bug her constantly to reschedule. She also has this odd thing with her scalp. She says sometimes it will just start tingling in the day, she said a painful tingling. That doesnt sound normal to me.

All help is much appreciated!
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Is your mother's hair natural or chemically treated? What is her hair texture like (fine, coarse, medium, high/low/or medium porosity)?

Definitely not getting enough moisture, especially if she's using stuff filled with silicones. They aren't inherently bad (well,for me my hair hates them in any shape form or fashion.lol) but they can hold moisture into the hair. The problem is that if there isn't moisture getting to the hair then there's nothing for the silicones to do besides coat the hair, which is probably what's happening anyways. The silicones are probably blocking moisture from even entering the hair.

Maybe she should clarify to help the silicone issues. Idk about the scalp and hair thinning. Other than that, it sounds like you know what she needs to do so just make sure she does it if she wants her hair to be healthier.
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ITA with Coco. You seem to have a good handle on the issue. As far as thinning hair, there could be a number of reasons that could be happening from chemical treatments, to dyes, to nutrition, to medical issues. Seeing a dermatologist is a decent SECOND/THIRD step. Optimizing your diet and products/regimen, should be the initial steps. The painful tingling you describe may be a allergic reaction if this is a new onset thing. I would try and look into that.

There is a great shampoo I stay pimping and it's worked for so many different people-- and it def works for thinning hair is Deity Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss. Three people (my mom, my BF, and his mom) had major thinning issues and their hair has picked up so beautifully over this year it's unbelievable. It's also great for scalp issues as well (I have bad psoraisis and it's been the only thing after yrs of doctors, and such thats worked). Look into it after you've ruled out everything.

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