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Default Henna vs protein


I have henna'ed for the 2nd time in life and also the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Do you guys still use protein at all? My hair was shedding and I started doing protein treatments about 2 months ago. The shedding stopped. I was due for another protein treatment when I decided to use henna instead. I'm shedding just a little more hair than I did with protein. How do I balance both protein and henna in my hair regime? Or should I even use both?

ANY advice is appreciated.
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You would have to see what your hair responds to inorder to keep it balanced.

I use henna every 6 weeks and use protein DC's on weeks 2 and 4 in my regimen cycle. If my hair needs extra protein I will simply replace one of the protein DC's with a protein treatment HTH.
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You shouldn't use both together. Since henna acts like protein if you're using both simultaneously it can cause dry brittle breaking hair.

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I use both, but not together. If I henna, I may not need protein for another few weeks. I use protein as needed and henna about once every 4-6 weeks.
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