What's your favorite Hair Gel??

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I have been on a search to find the perfect alcohol-free hair gel for my hair.

I've tried Eco Styler due to it being so popular in the curly community, but it leaves my hair pretty hard. I want a nice hold, but i don't want my hair to feel crunchy and hard.

I've tried Eco Styler with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, due to me hearing of the great combo of the two products. It feels and holds great, but it flaked in my hair.

Next I will try Ouidad Climate Control: Heat & Humidity Gel (already had it... product junky) along with my SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie (I love this stuff!!) However, I would like to know what works for everyone else.

What is your trusted, reliable holding gel? Is it good at holding your edges down? What can I do to avoid flakiness? Does it leave your hair moisturized and feeling great??
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As of right now, I am feeing Kinky Curly Curly Custard, KCCC. The downside of it is that it gives me more shrinkage than the Eco Styler, but I like it becasue my hair seems to be more mosit when I use it. Granted, I have only been using either for under 2 weeks, but KCCC makes my hair feel nice
As much as I wanted to love the SM Smoothie, it flaked with every gel I tried. And using it without gel was *not* an option for me.

But to answer your question, I liked the Garnier Pure Clean gel and the CURLS (for Target) Goddess Gel in the winter time, but I'm still searching for a good summer gel (I need super mega extra intense hold in the Alabama summers, but favor a medium-hard hold in the winter).

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I use the éco blue to define curls , you didn't mention the éco styler you tried

But fantasia IC (clear) has very soft hold,I only use it for my edges; it gives soft and shiny hair

About the flakes , for me it usually appears by day 3 which is when I Cowash again . I'll keep my eyes open for the replies on this one

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Ecostyler with argon oil is my go to gel. Have you tried applying an essential oil such as almond or Morroccon oil over your hair before you add the gel. I find that helps to eliminate the crunch. I also use the KCNT leave in conditionet. This combination did not work with the Kinky Curly CC for me but it does wonders with the Eco. Happy Hair Days!
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CURLS Goddess Curls Gel.

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I'm really appreciating all of the feedback, I will be sure to try these..

The Eco Styler I tried wasn't a special kind. It was just clear and regular ( i guess) ..

Also I haven't tried any essential oils ahead of time and I shall try that....

and for no reason at all i've been overlooking the CURLS products but it looks like I should try the Goddess Gel as well
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I found that works best for me is Eco styler (green one) mixed with long aid curl activator gel. I put the long aid on first and then the eco gel. It does not give me that hard feel when I touch my hair (helmet feeling). Its a soft feel and it hold very nicely.
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I love Eco styler olive oil gel, I put activator gel under it majority of the time but today I just put olive oil and coconut oil underneath and my hair is extremely soft, probably to soft because I probably won't get 2nd day hair

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Three weeks ago I would have said KCCC, however I found my new HG - Flaxseed Gel. I love it
It's inexpensive, works great, I can add other stuff to it such as aloe vera gel, oils, honey and EO's and it works as good as if not better than KCCC. And in just 10 minutes, I can make enough gel to last me for almost 2 weeks.
I personally like Organic Root Simulator's loc and twist gel. Great hold without the crunch and no addition of extra oils needed.

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I have recently fallen in love with the blue ecostyler. It doesn't leave my hair hard/crunchy at all.
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i like kiss my face gel
it provides a slightly stronger hold than aloe gel and definitely no crunch.
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I recommend trying the ecostyler gel (pink) hold of 7, or the ecostyler (blue) hold of 5. When I first went natural I tried the ecostyler olive oil gel in the green jar and it made
My Hair feel like a helmet. I love the pink ecostyler gel, gives a nice firm hold buy not hard at all! Or sometimes I just use 100% aloe Vera gel with a moisturizer or a leave in underneath. Even though aloe Vera gel doesn't have any hold, I still love it as a gel.
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I found that works best for me is Eco styler (green one) mixed with long aid curl activator gel. I put the long aid on first and then the eco gel. It does not give me that hard feel when I touch my hair (helmet feeling). Its a soft feel and it hold very nicely.
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That's a good idea to combine the two. Do you think it will work with Carefree Curl activator lite gel?

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I have not had much luck with gels. I tried DM miracurl curling gel yesterday with blue magic leave in, my hair was very soft but i had brownish flakes everywhere. I am going to try the gel by itself this week to see how it works alone. the only thing that works so far for me is when I mix ecostyler gel with shea butter
KCCC keeps my hair moisturized and has a medium hold & great definition, but the long drying time & it's inability to play well with others sucks

Uncle funky's dauGhter has great definition and a soft hold. Easy to use but only lasts max of 3 days (and is really expensive)
I'm with MzKye! I've tried the Ouidad Heat and Climate Control Gel and I really like that. Also, I like Garnier Fructis Line of Gels for Curls. Because I'm a 4B queen, I really don't need a lot of it! Ouidad is on the expensive side, so I stick mostly to Garnier Fructis.

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