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Default Do you keep a hair diary?

I was just looking through all of the pictures of styles I've tried and realized what looked great and what didn't. (I made mental notes). The thing is I neglected to write down what I used and what order. At the time I thought I would remember, but now I don't lol. I'm going to start writing things down now. Do you write down what works and what doesn't?
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Yes, I do. I mostly write down my current favorite products and regimens that work each season. Like you, I was forgetting why I stopped using products or how I used a product. The diary helps me when I run into a hair problem I forgot how I solved too.
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Yes I keep a record in One Note. I list the products I use and ifvi like them (along with their pictures) and take daily shots of ny hair when I wake up, when it's wet and later on in the day. It's sort if hard to see the defination of my curls because I have such dark hair but I am seeing a very gradual change in the pictures. It also helps to write down my routines along with the results

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I used to keep a super detailed hair diary. It helped me through the trial-and-error process of figuring out what techniques, styles and products/ingredients my hair likes. Now, I only take notes to remember certain things.
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I don't have much of a photo diary, since my length and styles don't vary much, but I have a MS Word journal that I started from the beginning. I keep track of regimens that work and don't work, products I like and their ingredients, and products I don't like and the reason why. It still contains basic hair info and websites I want to keep track of for info, reviews, styles, and ordering.

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