Having faith during the trial that is SCAB HAIR ^_^

Hi everyone,

I know that there is a lot of chit chat about what is (or isn't) scab hair, and I'm here to offer a bit of encouragement. I too suffer(ed) (well not as much as before) from it and after much trial and error (mostly error) I realized that there really is one thing you can do: WAIT. I worked with my hair and just kept braiding/twisting it, found a good regimen, took my vitamins, and WAITED. Finally over the course of a few months I noticed something ...........Growth? Is that you? && your friend curl definition too?! OH GLORY, HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU LORD! My one brittle, hard to manage hair now holds moisture, is easy to braid, and retains length. There was no special magic elixir/potion/juju that made it so: just TLC, a few expletives here and there, and an effortless routine. So overall, I hope this made you laugh and let you know that some things in life take a little more time than others to develop/catch up. How many of you have that child, friend, or SIGNIFICANT OTHER (preach preacha!) that you have been patient with, put TONS of time and effort into, and they still give you the blues?! *waits for answer*....EXACTLY. Just give it a little time, it will come around.

What is Scab Hair? How can you tell if it is Scab Hair?

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