Rose water?

Are there any benefits of rose water for natural hair?

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All I know so far that it's good for the skin I actually use it as ice cubes , and i add it to my drinking water n any fresh juices and I noticed how bright my face got after being pale,I also use it after waxing bcuz it closes the pores n keep the skin soft to avoid after waxing pimples, but for the hair I didn't really find anything only two masks with eggs n coconut oil n home made Rose water and they didn't state anything specific , I only know that if u brought some real roses n soak it in water and use it in ur shampoo it could lessen the harsh chemical effects on ur hair n also will darken the hair

I hope this is helpful
The pH value of rose water is closer to that of the hair in its optimal state, therefore, it works to repair the porosity. This allows the hair to retain the proper amount of moisture in; and the cuticle will remain smooth.

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U guys are awesome! Great info..thanks!

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I actually just started using rosewater on my hair this week because I am convinced that this Midwestern water is no good for daily moisturizing. I also want to avoid piling on "product" repeatedly throughout the week. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think rosewater may be a serious keeper. I wore a twistout all week and retwisted twice using rosewater and my normal jojoba oil, and my hair is as soft as if I just washed it each time. I've never had that happen before. I like to use a product for a month or so before I decide anything definitive about it, but after two rounds of rosewater - I'm sold!

I got the Heritage brand one and it smells excellent. So, it could solely be used to refresh the smell of hair during the week, if you like the fragrance.

I don't like to condone PJ-ism, so I suggest getting a tiny bottle and seeing if you like it. If not, I read lots of reviews of ladies saying they use it as a moisturizer for their face, body and feet, so it won't be a total waste.
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Would it be smart to mix it with water and acv in about 8oz?
Where are you purchasing your rose water?

I have been to all my local vitamen and health food store and have found it no where. I havent even been able to find rose essential oil. I wanted to buy it locally for immediate use but its been an EPIC FAIL thus far.

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This is so well timed! I have been looking around for rosewater myself! I haven't seen it in any of the stores i've been in though...I'm going to check whole foods next.
Where are you purchasing your rose water?

I have been to all my local vitamen and health food store and have found it no where. I havent even been able to find rose essential oil. I wanted to buy it locally for immediate use but its been an EPIC FAIL thus far.

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Originally Posted by ChellB_fro
I've seen this one at my local Whole Foods. It's rosewater and glycerin, not just rosewater by itself, so I'm not sure if this is the kind you want.

Do you keep your rose water in the fridge? I've read on most sites that it should be kept in the fridge due to no preservatives in most of them. That's what's holding me off buying any. I don't want to have to walk to the kitchen every morning to fetch this and then put it back afterwards. I'm always running late in the morning and I do t need any extra diversions. And I am too lazy to deal with that!
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I have never used Rose water for my hoar but I do us it for my face. I purchase my rose water from amazon because it is a crap shoot if my local health stores will have it in stock.
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I honestly can't find a clear answer on refrigeration of store bought rose water. Some bottles do have exp dates, and I know it's recommended to refrigerate fresh, homemade rose water. The brand in the photo above, Heritage or Heritage Store, with added glycerin, is sold as a toner but can be used for hair. Same company makes just a rose water as well. Roses & water (water with increased vibrations) I bought some years ago but hardly used it. I do not remember the word "refrigerate" being on the bottle, but I absolutely could have missed it.
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It's better to store it in the fridge,it wouldn't hurt plus when it's cool it feels good on the skin or the hair
I realize this is an old topic, but I didn't see any mention of the ready availability of rosewater at Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, and spice stores, where prices are usually great.

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