How long after your big chop did you curls finally settle in?

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I didnt BC but when my hair grew back I didnt see any "curls" for the first 1/2 months. It was just this weird wavy style, then after it was longer than an inch it started to curl over.

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
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*cough* I was adamant that my hair couldn't/didn't/wouldn't curl because I detangled my hair everytime I wet/washed it and then kept it stretched, both things which destroy my natural curl pattern.
I looked at my naked wet hair for the first time quite 'late' (some months after the chop) and realised I had curls. I attributed it to amla when I first did it, but really, my hair has probably always been very tightly curled, I was just hyped up on that 4c, zero curl pattern flex. Lol! Tbh, it was only recently after I read a thread about detangling destroying someone's curls on here and did a proper wash and go where I actually washed or rinsed, conditioned, shook like a dog and 'went'. Before it had been wash, t-shirt dry, detangle, condition, pick out fro and go, which = zero curls.
Within the first 2 to 3 months of being 100% natural, I had had a blow out, mutliple henna/Ayurvedic treatments, yarn braids, here and there trims/dusting, many different products/brands testing... My curls probably settled wayyy before I did, but I didn't realise. I'm still yet to try any product to define curls or clump, and have used a finger of QB's gel on a small piece of hair, then promptly put a hat on it because I had to go out, so I haven't used any gels.

As for uniformity - HAH! My curls are NOT uniform, even now.
- The temples/sides are the coarsest, most tightly curled, driest, shortest, least porous and often most difficult to deal with because when I sleep, it is the sides of my head/hair that get squashed.
- The front/top is the most visibly curly because the coils are larger, it's finer than the sides and probably more porous, it's either longer, or just seems longer because it's a looser pattern. Usually henna/hibiscus shows up the most here.
- The crown is some weirdness that I still haven't figured out, semi-coarse, kinky but straight, frizzy, rough feeling, as long as the front, but shrinks twice as much. I guess, reading what I've just written, it's just more porous than the front. Interestingly, I always miss this part of my head when applying product, including henna, so maybe it's just neglected!
- The nape/back is also loose and kinky straight, but finer again, smooth, longish and doesn't shrink, tangles the most, mainly because it rubs on collars, scarves, etc.
- All of it is dense, swallows up parting and destroys clips and combs.
- I love it.

And that's the story of my hair!
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My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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It took me about 8-9 months to really see what my hair was like. I would do deep conditioners at least once a week and up to 3 times....I would do henna every week for about a month then once every 3 weeks. I stopped the henna after about a year. I feel that it was the best conditioning for my hair and I could really see my curls responding to the deep conditioning. However, 2 years later, I'm still amazed at my curls. They change so much along the way. Keep it moist and it'll do its thang
the sides of my hair always get squashed when I sleep. That won't cause damage will it?
the sides of my hair always get squashed when I sleep. That won't cause damage will it?
Originally Posted by Afrochika
I hope not. But let me know cus my hair always get smashed while sleeping

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4a in the top of my head/3c in the back of my head
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I big chopped Xmas Eve, but I did leave a few straight ends on the top. Because I was natural before (starting with less than an inch that time), I know that the hair in the top of my head is a much looser curl than the perimeter of my head. I will be waiting about 2 months before I remove those ends to give my curls a chance to grow in to make sure that what I'm cutting is relaxed hair and not just natural hair that grows in looser than the rest of my hair.
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I wore my hair straight during my transition. About a month after cutting off the relaxed ends, my curl pattern began to settle in to what I remembered it being the last time I went natural. 8-9 months after that I got my first trim, and it got even curlier, but less uniform. Then I put 2-strand twists in, left them for 3 weeks and took them out and now all the curls are more uniform.

Weird, but true story lol. My one yr bc anniversary will be next month.
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the sides of my hair always get squashed when I sleep. That won't cause damage will it?
Originally Posted by Afrochika
No, probably not.

Do you wear a sleep cap?
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Shrinkage happens.
When I washed my hair the next day

Curse you iPhone!!!
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