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Yes but the longer it gets the less likely it will be worn that way. If you really do have 4b pattern it is tangling because there aren't any curls clumping together. I knew when I made it past SL I could only do WNG a few times a year, and it was a huge planning effort to ensure I didn't get overcome by tangles. The 4b parts of my hair would turn into dreads... However once I got toward BSL my 4b sections hung in microscopic, VERY tiny coils that clumped in fuzzy sections almost like ringlets but no curl pattern, and I could do a WNG again, with kind of a charming Sideshow Bob-like (Simpsons) appearance, that's the best I can explain it. It was cute, I guess...
By the way my signature photo is of my wash and go ponytail. It was nearly BSL and because I was 4a/b it shrank a lot. It's safer that letting it all out because as long as my roots are secure I can get the ends sorted out. I believe this type of hair can only be worn out short or pretty long, just based on experience, when I have medium length it's like all I can do is twists or ponytails....
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I don't know about my hair..I pretty much categorize by hair as 4A/4B..but 4B probably being the majority. Here's a wash n go that I tried today, and it only looks like this if I use some type of gel/conditioner. It also shrinks up alot and it gives me more of "defined coily" look.
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Can 4b's wash and go?-wng4.jpg   Can 4b's wash and go?-wng3.jpg  
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Yikes! Im 4a & I prefer to stay away from wash n gos it's my hair is kryptonite; i hate perfectly defined curls or the jerry curl look and my hair shrinks and tangles crazy not to mention ssk . Thats a style i like to see but would never do on my own hair.

I would love to see more pic of 4b,4ba hair in wash n gos

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My hair is 4b/c and I tried wash and gos when I first had a twa, but I hated the shrinkage an knots. I have neck lenght hair know but it has been a year from since I did a wash and go so might try it during summer time because my hair takes forever to dry. It is not cute with with a nice wash and go with a runny nose.
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i hate wash and goes. i don't get the hang time i envision lol so it just ends up being a whole lotta work for something that my hair does naturally: coil up A LOT.

first pic is wet hair. other 2 are when it's dry. WOMPPPP i didn't need no dang raking method to do that! i'll just stick to my "for real for real" wash and goes. where i just cowash, slather some Knot Today in the shower, shake and go.
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Can 4b's wash and go?-tumblr_mfuuzbufb71qcxo2lo1_1280.jpg   Can 4b's wash and go?-tumblr_mfwrsvvcxi1qcxo2lo3_1280.jpg   Can 4b's wash and go?-ifidontjust.jpg  
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