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Love love love the Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, it's one of the few DC my hair actually likes, not just tolerates. It smells like Cocoa, which I love and after I'm done my hair is left crazy soft and shedding is definitely kept at a minimum. It is a bit pricy, about 20$ for 8 oz. but it's well worth it !

- 4a in the back
- 4b In the front and crown
- 4c above my ears
- last relaxer: 12/28/2012
- Big Chopped: 03/29/2013
Ladies, I was fortunate to try the upcoming Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment and provided a review. If curious to know how well it worked on my 4a/b hair, check out the review!

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Routine: Low-poo with Deva Decadence NP or Kenra Clarifying, Deep Co with Elucence MB, Kenra Moisturizing, Deva Decadence One C or Tresemme Perfectly Undone (all mixed with olive, coconut or WGO oil), Style with Eco Argan gel, KCCC, CR CM or CR Coconut SS. Winter/Fall Additions---Leave-in PM The Conditioner, Seal with NG conditioner (aloe/macadamia or hemp/argan), 100% Argan oil or CR Almond jai (all before applying gel.)
im so mad over the almond jai twisting butter..that was my holy grail and the one that just came has not only a dif label but all different ingredients. Id easily get 4-5 day hair from the old one, this one, I have extra dry hair the very next day and need to reapply and redo. sucks.

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