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Originally Posted by gagirl09 View Post
Originally Posted by Cerendipity View Post
yup there are cones, not sure if you can see the picture well

Yeahhhhhboi, Im on my smartphone!!!
D-mmit. I wud have let amodimethicone slide because it is supposed to resist build up. But can't ignore the big D

Curse you iPhone!!!
+1 my hair cant stand dimethicone
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I def want to try this! looks like they are trying to compete with miss jessie's tho with the purple curly pudding :/ lol. I love MJ products...I might try this once I see some result pics!
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Cerendipity, have you tried any of this yet? What did you think?
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LOL i ain' tried a thing. I still have this weave in. I wont be trying it out until next weekend some time. Im taking it out next Friday

I will update when I do though
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Originally Posted by yrh11 View Post
Walgreens had these products on sale for buy one, get one half off. I bought the Hydrate My Curls Pudding and Define My Curls Creme. I washed with my 360 shampoo and Taliah Waajid conditioner. I used the Hydrate My Curls as a leave in and twisted with the Define My Curls. My hair is still twisted. My hair feels soft so far. The Define My Curls resembles grease (which I like) but my hair feels light.

I will try it for a couple of days and report back. If it doesn't work out, at least I only paid $11 for them. I had been using the Keracare Natural Textures line.
Update: The Hydrate My Curls did not hydrate at all. My hair was crunchy. I washed my hair the next day and used my Keracare leave-in conditioner first before applying the products. My hair was soft but dull. The Define My Curls reminds me of grease. My twist outs were soft but the hold was not firm. My twist out lasted one day and not two to three. I will try the Define My Curls again once my hair is trimmed next week. I will not repurchase but I will finish the jar and find ways to make it work. Keracare works better for me.
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I tried the Definie My Curls paired with SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie mixed with Eco Styler Olive Oil gel. I did a braid out and my hair came out very defined and soft. Since my hair is coarse, wire and very hard, this was amazing to me. I like the product and will use it in my rotation. My hair was not greasy, but then I didn't use a lot since I was using other products. I think this is a product to use sparingly. Not sure if I will try the other products.
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I used the Conditioner and the Hydrate my curls pudding last week to refresh a Wng. My hair was soft and defined but coated a little. I'm not sure if it was because the conditioner was too thick but I had a little flakes the next day.

I will try again sometime this week but only with the pudding.
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I was curious and brought some today. Any updates ladies? It's on sale @ Target and felt I had to give it a try.
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