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Default Second Guessing?!?!?

How do you ladies feel about wearing your natural hair after wearing a quick weave or full-sewin. Since I have been away at school I have had braids and a weave, but next year I want to wear my real hair, but I do not know how to mentally deal with transition considering the fact that I started out wearing fake hair. I feel like I should just suck it up and do what is best for my hair. Please reply and tell me what you all think.

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I don't wear weaves but...if you want to wear your real hair just do it!
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I have never been much of a weave wearer, but I was a long-term transitioner so I can kind of relate to your anxiety. When I did my big chop, it took me a couple of weeks to feel completely comfortable with my natural hair. Lol it took about a month before I stopped scaring myself when I'd catch quick glimpses of myself in a mirror or window (WTH is going on with my--oh right, I have an afro....). Just give yourself a couple weeks with natural hair...there will be an adjustment period but you'll come to love it. Besides you can always rock a weave if you want to spice up your look on occasion.

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Originally Posted by naturalnewb View Post
it took about a month before I stopped scaring myself when I'd catch quick glimpses of myself in a mirror or window (WTH is going on with my--oh right, I have an afro....).
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Why not switcht it up? I have only done weave once and didnt like it but i do wear wigs. I like how with wigs you change your look easily and go back and forth. Some days people see my hair. Some days they dont. The wigs I wear are straight and short but most people think that is my hair and the long curly real hair is a weave o maybe texturizer.
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I love hair......period! Whether it's mine or not. Changing up my look makes me feel even more flyy than I already am. And I don't always have time or energy to deal with my own hair (plus I live in the desert).

Sometimes I rock the Jill Scott, other times I do the Aaliyah, and if I'm extra lazy, I do the India Arie type scarf........ Don't be afraid, boo. You're flyy!!!!!!

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I agree i love hair! I rock my natuarl and weave. Just do you

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