sometimes overcond. my ... fav light moisturize to brush into fine, dry hair?

so what's your favorite what to moisturize, impart body and shine to fine hair?

no but forreal i don't like how weighed down and drab it has been since i've had alopecia . . .

recently been using no protein, hardly any heat, just shea moisture body wash, devacurl no-poo, and matrix defrizzing condition (which i love!!). Currently waiting on my last hg poo, but I am still curious.
Naturally soft but dull, mixed porosity, doesn't like heavy protein, but does like heavy oil and butters.

Currently only use a sudsy shampoo 3x a week
Homemade oil blend
Kevin murphy motion lotion (need something else)
For my hair regular weekly deep conditioning is important. I prefer making my own to any store bought I have ever tried. Usually honey, banana baby food, and extra virgin olive oil.Also I wouldnt recommend totally cutting out protein. My hair is very particular about protein. Doesnt like commercial treatments or coconut milk or yogurt. But wheat and silk protein in my rinse outs work well for me. Protein helps to strenghthen my curl pattern.
What kind of alopecia do you have? I have areata.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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