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In case you love miss Jessie's curly pudding, softee has an exact dupe for $3.49 at Walgreens. It's the same color, smell and consistency.
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Wow, those first four ingredients would keep my hair suuuuuuper soft. Have you tried it? I had the original curly pudding but the only thing I loved about it was the smell. My hair is pretty easy to define and that stuff just made it look like frizz.
No I haven't tried, I needed a second purchase to justify buying another product when I really shouldn't buy anything because I'm in a weave lol
I tried it. It was only $2 at my local walgreens. I did not like it at all. It made my hair very dry. I think it could have been due to the petroleum oil which is the second ingredient. My hair was dry when I used it, so I may have to try it again on wet/damp hair.
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I might give it a shot. If I can find it around these parts. That petrolatum is kinda turning me off though. But at least it's reasonably priced. Not $50 like SOME! >_<


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Bumping for NEA so she won't have to google
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Bumping for NEA so she won't have to google
Originally Posted by Cerendipity
Git thee behind me, Shawny! Tryna get me to buy MORE stuff. You ain't right....

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As usual with mineral oil/petrolatum laden products my hair waves instead of curls. I'm interested in how it dries though

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Not bad,weird though my hair is still damp at the scalp. By now ,its usually dry.

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My hair used to like MJCP but I'm still killing my stash...don't want or need any new products.
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