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Default Sometimes I...

wish my hair would fall out cause I'm way too afraid to BC. I'm tired of transitioning, my hair is always shedding & breaking. The crown is super dry, I have to slap on 3 different conditioners & detanglers in order to detangle it without ending up ripping out a hair ball.

-sigh- excuse me, I just needed to vent.
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I am also trans wiithout BC. Try a conditioner with high protein.do u sit under a cap or let the conditioner air dry. Dont gey discouraged.keep checking the diffrent forums. Or you tube. An old school mayo and egg works well. Or try shea moisture a lil pricey but worth the results.

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Why not just cut your hair and get it over with if you are truly that frustrated. Seriously, its just hair and it should NOT cause you this much frustration. Once you cut it, the shedding, the breakage all that will be over and you will be free of the relaxed ends. then you can focus on working with your hair and getting the dryness under control or at least manageable.
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Don't be afraid. It's just hair. And it grows back in so much healthier. I wore my hair in a 1/4 inch boy cut for a few years, a couple of different times. It's liberating!
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Im so glad I bced early!! Long transitions are not for everybody. You couldnt pay me to deal with all that.
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I would never, ever transition again. Like you say it was frustrating and just annoying trying to look after my new growth in a way that also pleased my water-hating relaxed ends. I'm sure my natural hair suffered because of my transition, I would always lose so much hair! I wish I had BC'd sooner.
If you are carrying on with the transition, seek support in the Transitioning sub-forum here or maybe try that new transitioning forum by Carol's Daughter. I think there are a few blogs of transitioners, but I can't recall them offhead. GOOD LUCK!
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Thank you all so much! I must have been in a really dark (hair) place that night, haha I'm definitely gonna keep going with this haha
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I was watching a YouTube video the other day (I think it was by HairCrush) and the person said your hair will let you know when you're done with your transition. When you're ready to BC no one will be able to stop you, not even the voice of doubt.
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