Au Natural

We haven't had a poll in forever.

My question is how "natural" do you like your natural hair product stash to be.

for some reason NC didn't post my poll. I will try again.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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Not sure yet. I stay away from mineral oil, but it's not RELIGIOUS or anything. I was avoiding cones, but seems my hair likes a cone or two. I'm off sulfates. That change is a good one, so I'm on SLS free stuff now.

Before I was wanting natural ingredients... Now I just use what Rebel likes.

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My hair thrives on natural products. Everything I use is natural. From my shampoo to my leave in. The only thing I use thats not all natural is my heat protectant. My hair wouldnt want it any other way.
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I came into the natural/homemade products just this year in May. I've stopped shampooing and I homemake all my treatments. I like my hair's behavior a lot better now. I still use store bought for moisturizing but I'm looking to go up a level in that area as well. I figure if my curls improve after throwing out the manufactured shampoo and conditioner, then going natural with errthang else will REALLY get my stuff right...

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I use whatever works, I don't pay attention to what's in it, if it does good things for my hair I will use it.

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