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Hey all!
I have tightly coiled mattress spring type 4c hair all the way. I'm growing out. It's been about a year since the BC and I've found a successful moisturizing regimen to make my hair happy.

I'll either rinse with water in the shower or spray it with my spray bottle of water first. And while it's soft and wet I work some pure Shea butter in my hands until it's smooth and yellow like a creamy batter, and I smooth it onto my hair focusing particularly to the ends. This helps eliminate tangles when done gently.
Then I direct attention to the scalp and give my scalp a massage using Elasta QP mango... oil (smells incredible). And presto!, moisturized! :-)

My hair has been so happy, thus growth ~

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Thank you!

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Love to all,

In spite of the winter weather my 4b/3c hair feels so soft and luxurious. These are the things that helped:

vitamins, diet and exercise = VERY IMPORTANT

i use sulfate free shampoo mixed with 1 tsp of olive oil and i use sulfate free smoothing conditioner, which i rinse out after a few minutes.

i use a small amount of curlaway, cool water and 2 tsp of jojoba oil to detangle my hair. just keep applying water in a spray bottle to keep it damp while detangling. then i apply some more natural oil (like olive oil) and band and let my hair air dry. once i wrap my damp hair after this (for about 15minutes), i start seeing waves in it.

once a week, I apply some pure unrefined shea butter (for shine and smoothness) to each section of hair then i flat iron my hair. makes my hair soft, shiny and tangle free. every night i loosely band my hair and wrap it with a satin scarf. i usually just put my hair in a loose bun/ updo -- very fast and easy.

if my hair gets dry by mid-week when i am in a hurry and i need to move at lightning speed -- i may use a small amount of leave in conditioner (or some other moisturizing product like water, then olive oil). sometimes, after 5 mins i use my conair hot air brush/ iron (model 160 -- such a simple tool but i love it) to smooth the front of my hair only and then wrap my hair with a satin scarf. my hair becomes soft, smooth and shiny again.

all the stretching and smoothing and the products & lifestyle have made my curls more defined over time. it is easier and faster for me to take care of my hair. i deep condition my hair occasionally.

if natural hair is really difficult to manage, ppl are achieving success with natural relaxers, an occasional texlax or keratin treatments. bad things to avoid: exposing hair to wind and cold weather ( i wear a cap/ hat outdoors), small braids (break off hair, i hardly ever braid my hair), excessive chemical use, etc.

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That's an extremely helpful regimen, thank you for sharing!

That unrefined Shea butter is a great sealant!

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