Heat Free Movement

I don't do weave but I know some ladies here do. I saw this on Facebook. It's called the Heat Free Movement which is kinky weave so when you get a sewin you don't have to straigten your exposed hair to blend.

Heat-Free Hair Movement
even when i get straight hair i dont get my hair straightened, i just get a fullheaded weave

let me go take a look at this
Looks interesting but yeah piggybacking kinda off of Cer, there are full enclosures you can get that have the kinky coily textures and the partial one too. There was this company that I also liked that sold kinky weave. I wish I could remember their name. They were at the Atlanta hair show a couple of years back. Still bookmarking the page though :-)
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I don't really like their marketing angle, but finding good kinky curly type hair is difficult. I've only seen a few companies make them, and they often sell out so it's hard to get. It seems like this hair would be awesome for me to use for clip ins...but I don't really want to buy more than one pack and that might not be enough. As much as I wanna throw some obnoxious 24" pieces in my hair...$400 is a little steep when I have a head full of hair.
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Um..They don't even have my hair type: 4a/b

We exist too! Lol


You never stop learning...

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