What to look for in a blow dyer

I'm looking to get a new blow dryer, my current one is outdated. I was just wondering if there was anything I needed to look for when purchasing one?

Also what's the best way to blow dry 4c hair?

Thank you
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1) Look for one that is ionic. It will displace the water from your hair more safely and faster (ie, dry it faster without as much damage)

2) Wattage. If your hair is fine (individual strands are small) go with a lower wattage. I have a Super Solano that is is 1875 and it's great. I rarely use it on high/hot and get a good turnout.

3) As far as methods for blowing the hair out, the tension method is the most popular. Just hold your hair taut and run the blowdryer down the length of the hair till dry. I do that, but I prefer to use a comb attatchment. My is a special one by Solano though, I would not use just any old kind. If I didn't have it I would just do the tension method.

Also, I hear that grapeseed oil is nice for blowdrying with. It has a higher burning point so it kind of acts like a heat protectant, and it's very light so it won't feel greasy when you're done.

Hope this helps.
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Some other things to consider: how loud is it and how heavy is it? If those things matter to you, some are specifically made to be less noisy and will usually specify that, and some weigh much more than others, so if it takes a long time to dry your hair it might be a consideration.

I found it helpful to read up people's reviews on the web at amazon and folica. There may also be reviews at Sephora or places like Consumer Reports.

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I agree with the points one of the other posters said about ionic and wattage. I have an FYI professional series with short nozzle. It cut my drying time in half and my hair is much smoother after drying. I do not do the tension method as that for me just takes way too much time. but i do section my hair in small sections about 12-16 sections. I then take each section and use my denman (D4) brush to blow dry. I start at the end and try to smooth those about a bit then from root to tip.
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A dryer with a "warm" setting. Healthier for curly hair in general, than the "hot" setting. There's no solid science behind the use of ionic dryers (its effectiveness is exhaustively debated). That said, I bought one anyway

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