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Default Unexplained breakage!

Hi there,
I'm a 4a(ish) type and have been natural since 2010. I NEVER use heat in my hair, I protective style frequently (my go-to styles are twists and braids), use a wide-toothed comb/ denman brush, not to mention I moisturise and seal at least once a day. I have hair scissors and only ever use them in my hair, yet all this considered once my hair reaches just past shoulder length I get those little tell-tale fragments of hair that tell me the ends are slowly breaking off. But what's more I'm finding split ends and single-strands almost immediately after I've had a trim!

I'm at my wits end here, I just want my hair to stop breaking and retain my growth. I can't help but think that maybe I'm missing something, if any of you guys can think of something crucial I'm missing out...I'd be extremely grateful!

NN x
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Maybe try more protective updo's to keep it off your shoulders, and keep the ends from fraying. Also a monthly protein treatment might be in order? Good luck:-)
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Protein stops breakage. You can be doing everything right but if youre not using protein, you can still see breakage.

That and sealing my ends with a butter (or more recently castor) made the biggest difference in my length retention & breakage prevention. At first, id seal with oil & that helped with moisture retention.. but it wasnt until I started separately going in with a butter on the last 2 inches or so that my breakage stopped. Now I seal the length of my hair with butter so I go in with castor which has the same effect.

hopefully youre not protein sensitive, because that would make incorporating strengthening proteins in ur regimen easier. A once a month or every-so-often protein treatment isnt gonna cut it if you have breakage. I dc with light protein conditioners weekly (which for my hair type helps w moisture & balance) and if i see breakage I have a stronger product I use (mill creek botanicals keratin conditioner, cheap and keratin is the 2nd ingredient or Repair Me) & it nips it right in the bud. HTH
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It might be the Denman. I used to use a faux Denman and it tore my kinky coily hair up. It took out entirely too much hair and thinned my ends.
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Originally Posted by Fronomenal View Post
It might be the Denman. I used to use a faux Denman and it tore my kinky coily hair up. It took out entirely too much hair and thinned my ends.
this too! I can only use my denman on dry hair..
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I wonder how long you are keeping your protective styles in? Putting up and taking down twists is a great deal of manipulation and can lead to hair trauma, especially if done too often. I found that wearing my hair off my shoulders has helped with split ends. I personally think the denman brush is evil and shreds hair for fun. Maybe finger combing and styling for a while may be productive.
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breakage, single-strand knots, split ends
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