Whats is there to do with 4a hair

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i love my hair majority of the time expect when I start comparing it to my mom's 3a hair and wonder what happened. There's never anything to do with it. I either dye it 24/7 or cut it all off and enjoy watching it grow. I cut it all off a month or so ago and the only thing I can think of is straightening it with it gets longer. I hate braids and anything other than having my hair free mainly because I cant function without cowashing daily.
You don't need to co-wash daily unless you do intense exercise which makes you drip with swea TT. Instead get a spray bottle and try different mixtures in it.

Also have you seen pictures of twists and twist outs? You could try that.

What products/technique do you use to get your twistouts looking so lovely?

What products/technique do you use to get your twistouts looking so lovely?
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thank you it can vary from twist out to twist out. I rotate through products that pretty much give me the same results. Right now i'm using Eden bodyworks curl defining creme. Sometimes I use Giovanni direct leave in mixed with castor oil and other times I use Giovanni direct leave in and seal with grease. I do regular twists nothing special. Uually 24 or Less.
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