Pineapples! But this time I WAS ready lol

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Ok so I did the pineapple routine b4 bed. This is after a twist out. I used everything in the pic below. that is water in the spray bottle. not wet hair but damp so it can be dry in time for church. I hope this will stretch my curls as well as preserve them 😄 Pineapples! But this time I WAS ready lol-imageuploadedbycurltalk1393749926.927295.jpgPineapples! But this time I WAS ready lol-imageuploadedbycurltalk1393750018.746040.jpg
I will pineapple for an afternoon nap sometimes but overnight pineapples don't work well for me. My hair will become almost stuck up and out and won't fall right when I take it down. Awkward looking. Low ponytails work better for me but usually I retwist or braid at night. Tell us how yours turns out.
I just hate the back where my curls are looser getting too stretched out.
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I just hate the back where my curls are looser getting too stretched out.
Originally Posted by gagirl09
Mine get really stretched too
It turned out pretty good. A little on the dry side. I could have used a little olive oil and fluffed out with my fingers but just fluffed dry instead. Used a loose hair band and wore it up to church. 😊Pineapples! But this time I WAS ready lol-imageuploadedbycurltalk1393865242.690270.jpg

pic was me getting ready for service and playin with the cam hehehe
Going to make a shopping list and head to sallys/mom&pop beauty supply today. does anyone know a good moisturizer (besides olive oil)? I want one that can be applied to dry unwashed hair but wont leave a super greasy feel. also im thinking about trying a new shampoo/conditioner. something to leave my hair super soft and less frizz. any suggestions?
I used to use this as a moisturizer back when I did not know as much as I know now. I think i will give it another go. I dont rmr it defining my curls at all but then again that was when I only knew to put products on dry hair. Pineapples! But this time I WAS ready lol-imageuploadedbycurltalk1393866962.097646.jpg

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