So i recently have been rocking my best fro ever and it came in a way i would have never expected. I went to get a trim so i got it washed, blown out and then flat ironed. Well you know the humidity hit and that ws that for the flat ironing. It wasn't a puff but just not the straight look and i don't do the in between. So i decided to experiment. I parted my hair how i wanted it to fall and then took a shower. I let the steam create my fro. Can i tell you i have for a solid week been rocking the fluffiest, flyest, bouncing Afro that I ever have. I've been pulling it back in a ponytail at night with a knee high or some kind of ponytail holder that will fit and fluffing it out in the morning with a little moisturizer. I'm using Qhemet's burdock root cream for this as i find it gives less shrinkage than my other moisturizer. I am quite frankly so very pleasantly surprised. I plan to wash this weekend and attempt the same thing, minus the flat ironing. What hit me too is that my hair finally looks like my avatar! I put that avator up a few years back hoping to get their one day. I finally did :-) Just thought I'd share because it provides such a great really fuss free do for a solid week. I work long crazy hours so this is soo the brand new hottness for me.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie