My curls won't form in the front of my hair.

My hair is a mix of 3b 3c and 4a curls but there is a poofy part I suspect two things: my hair used to to be flat ironed twice a week and I had gotten heat damage, now as far as I'm aware I got rid of it all but it might be that. It might just be the way my hair is and might need to define it more but I need help on how to go about fixing or at least covering it up.
Many thanks
Pearl 😄

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Have you used any heat?

If not and your hair has always been like that then you are going to have to do things like finger coil or twists/braid outs on your hair to even out your curls.

BTW there is nothing wrong with making your posts longer and giving people full information as you will get longer and more useful replies.

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