I was hoping to get some input on how to properly care for my 18 month old biracial son's pretty curls. My husband, his father, is African American and I am Caucasian. My husband has tight curls but they are very course and he keeps his hair so short I have never actually seen his curl type. I too have curly type 3a/3b curls but my hair is baby fine but very thick. Our son seems to have been blessed with a combination of our hair types, receiving his father's tighter curls and my fine but thick hair. From reading the descriptions, I believe our LO has type 4a curls. His curls form into ringlets all on their own, are the size of crochet needles and perfectly spiral shaped. The back of his head, where he sleeps, I do notice a little more dryness and frizz.

I use the Shea Moisture Curl products for my own hair and so I have been using the same on his hair as well. I cleanse his hair with the SM curl co-wash. Condition his hair with the SM curl conditioner. After allowing his conditioner to sit for a few minutes I comb through his hair very gently with a large wide tooth comb. Once a week I apply the SM deep conditioning treatment. After his bath I apply the SM curl milk with a light scrunch/patting motion and follow that up with the SM curl oil. For daily styling I spritz his hair with water, apply SM curl milk and SM spray oil. I recently purchased him a satin pillowcase due to his hair losing moisture in the back of his head at night. From birth until just a few months ago I was simply using coconut oil on his hair as a leave in, but I have noticed he needs more moisture now.

His hair is very soft and shiny. It is 9-10 inches long but it curls up quite a bit to just a curly poof around his head. I want to know if there is anything I am missing. Are the Shea Moisture products a good line for his hair type? Is it ok that I am combing through his hair? Finger detangling was an absolute mess btw! I only ever cleanse his hair with the co-wash conditioner 1-2 times a week, should I be using shampoo at any point? I condition his hair daily and deep condition 1x a week, is that enough?

Thank you so much for your advice!!!