How do you use OH burnt sugar pomade on twa?

Hi ladies,

I'm trying to like this product but I'm running into issues. I just started using OH and i love the hair dew and the honey hemp conditioner. After using the hair dew, I seal with the pomade. However, after I seal my hair looks frizzy. Any suggestions on how to apply pomade without a frizzy mess?


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Shampoo: TJ Tea Tree Tingle (only to remove buildup)
Co-wash/Detangler: Suave Naturals Conditioner
Leave-in/Styler: Uncle Funky's Curly Magic
2nd day refresher: Uncle Funky's Thirsty Curls
Routine: Wash and Go
Porosity: Normal-High
Texture: Fine/Thin and Kinky
I have not used any of those products except the Hemp but it might not or might not be the pomade causing the problem. Maybe that li is not moisturizing enough for your hair or maybe the ingredients in one of both it don't play well with the weather in your area. Many people changed products seasonally. You should experiment using that li with different sealants and that pomade with different li. . For me and where I live the summer means gel unless I'm not looking for super defined look.. The norm for me is to mix my li with something.

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