Help with daughter's hair. 4a/3c?

Hi everyone. I've just joined after finding the site trying to find help with my daughter's hair. I think from looking on here she would be described as either 3c or 4a? She has never had it cut really (though last weekend I did a bit of snipping here and there). She swims a lot which doesn't really do her hair any favours but we generally use protective styles (2 strand twists). She has a pretty consistent curl pattern everywhere EXCEPT the front part of her head near the forehead (the attached photo is not great but kind of shows this). I don't know if I am doing anything 'wrong' but it just seems really different there (like more fuzzy and not wanting to clump together with the other strands. Lots of curls still but not sticking together with the other strands beside it). Everywhere else on her head the curls do clump. We have been using hair ties before the 2-strand twists and I have been wanting to move away from that generally (as I think it was putting strain at the roots. Her hair is pretty long (goes down to her waist at the longest part at the back when pulled) but the ends are quite dry (we live in Africa so the sun has probably damaged too). Anyway - I just wanted to know if there was anything I was doing wrong at the front or if it is just like that. When she was very young I don't recall that the curl was different at the front but it has been like this for a few years now. Maybe the strain from the hair ties? (and she does have a tendancy to tug and play with the front hair more than the back). Any help you can offer would be so much appreciated! (I really struggled in the beginning to find good resources on natural hair that I could refer to and am so pleased that there is more info out there now). Many thanks!
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It's normal to have different textures. Although at times the problem in insufficient moisturization. there is a section of my hair I have to apply more li than the rest. . how often does she clarify, dc, hot oil treatments? as for dry ends, cut raggedy damaged split. Moisturizing and using a heavy sealant on the ends helps a lot of people including me
Thanks a lot for your reply. I am now starting to moisturise it more frequently as I think before I wasn't doing enough. I'd been perhaps co-washing every 5 days or so and leaving loads of conditioner in her hair usually in twists but with all the swimming I realise now (and from reading more on here) that it wasn't enough. And I just saw the tip regarding sealing with oil or butter so will definitely try that. The difficulty here (Rwanda) is that it is hard to find products (that don't cost the earth). I am not sure what it means to 'clarify' but I will look that one up! Are there any protective styles that might stay in a few days that don't require a hair tie at the root? (She complains when I have to do her hair so the fewer times the better. But I am finding that any 2-strand twists I do without ties just come straight out almost (especially with the swimming!)). Thanks again
Can you braid? Can you cornrow? Either way do you have access to YouTube?

If you look on YouTube there are lots of videos on braiding and how to braid if you can't do it. Ideally you should practise on a doll's head like a baby doll before doing it on your daughter's head but either way make sure the braids aren't too tight.

If you don't have access to YouTube you are going to need someone to show you then a doll's head to practise on.

Btw Yes the doll's hair will be different but that's how my sister's and mum practised before doing mine and each other's hair.
Hi Blueblood. Thanks for this. I can braid but I am not great at cornrowing her hair (I get myself in a mess as there is so much of it that picking up a bit extra at the side becomes difficult for me with her hair type). But I think maybe going back to braids is a good idea. I'd started doing the twists a few years ago as they are so much quicker, but they now only seem to stay in well if I have used a hair tie and I think that is putting too much pressure on the root. One of the other things I struggle a bit with is getting the partitions looking nice, even and neat at the root (so that all the braids will be about the same size and in a nice pattern. But I think maybe I will look into it on Youtube. Also I know the salons here are amazing for that last part (designs on heads etc) so maybe I can get her hair done there (but ask them to not do so tight as I've seen a lot of really tight styles here too). Thanks for your help. Will definitely try braiding again!
Yeah twist are easier to put in but mine won't hold up to water either. Clarifying is the remoal of buildup on the hair. With too much buildup the hair won't be able to absorb moiature and will become very dry. How often someone needs to clarify varies based on what products they use and whether their strands are fine or not. I think the norm around here is monthly but I usually do it weekly. Sometimes I go two weeks.

Cute girl btw
Sorry for the delay. And yes she is a real cutie (but I am biased!)

I am definitely going to get her hair braided properly at the weekend. I have a feeling I have been under using products rather than over using them. This week I have been putting in conditioner each morning and her hair has seems to love that - just drinks it all up. so now I just need to try to find a solution that takes less time each day and will work with the swimming. I think having the braids in which I can apply conditioner to each day will be a good solution and it may well last a couple of weeks too if they do quite small ones. Many thanks for all your advice - this is much appreciated!
If she swims regularly the braids will not last weeks so don't get them too small. Also braiders who braid small often pull out the baby hairs around the edges. This is one of the reasons I was encouraging you to learn to braid your daughter's hair.
Ah - ok I see what you mean. And I definitely see babies and kids' here with very tight styles that must be pulling hard on those roots!

I did some medium sized braids last night and she swims today so I will see how that turns out when she gets back home. It didn't take too long so I could manage that on the days that she swims without her complaining too much I think

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