what is the proper way to do a porosity test

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Hello all. I have been searching for the answer to this question for a pretty long time now. I would like to know, what is the proper way to do a porosity test? I know that you are supposed to get a cup of room temperature water, but the next step is where my confusion comes in. Am i supposed to place the clean hair strands on top of the water to see if it will fall to the bottom or do you push the hair down into the water? When I place the hair on top of the water, my hair will float. When I push my hair into the water,meaning now the hair is completely underwater, it immediately sinks to the bottom. For this reason I don't know whether I have high or low porosity because I don't know which method is the correct method.

The porosity test is junk science.

The proper ways to do it are:
1. On how your hair dries and reacts to products, or,
2. Get a hair analysis done by Goose footprints.
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Basically, what Blueblood said. Get a proper analysis done, or just pay attention to how your hair behaves and make your own informed 'guess'.

Thinks like the strand test or the float test are notoriously unreliable and, again, as Blueblood said, junk science

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