I was having dinner with a couple ladies the other day. One has relaxed hair and the other went natural about 2 years ago. I was saying that it is a great thing to have black women go natural, embracing their hair and getting out of the matrix of systematic hair processing...

The 2 year natural replied: "I went natural only for the trend. It wasn't anything pro-black or anything... I might change back to straight eventually..."

I was thinking: What's wrong with being pro-black? You are black, it should be assumed that you are pro-black. You won't catch a Chinese person tell you they're "not pro-China or anything", or a Jewish person tell you they're "not pro-Jew or anything." Fill in the nationality or group identity, and the likelihood is you won't get that sort of response. So why is it a perfectly worldly young black lady should need to make a point to distance herself from being pro-black?

Ok, so you're black but not pro-black, and you regard wearing your natural hair that grows out your scalp as a passing trend...

What are your thoughts? Pan-Africanism (the view that black people the world over should unite to attain progress economically, culturally and otherwise) and natural hair. What are the connections you see? What impressions do you have of the situation above?

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