loosen curls/kinks

Im looking to loosen my curls, 3c/4a mix to a 3c/3b. Im willing to use chemicals because I am just frustrated with my hair, which is about waist length. Detangling is not a issue or styling, but with this texture I can never just wash and go. I always have to do braid outs which take 2 days to dry, and I get the texture i want with braid outs. It looks exactly like 3b hair naturally, but as so as water hits it....noope. But braid outs every week or 2 arent ideal for a lazy natural like me. Help!
Just do twist/ twist outs.
With your length it shoudnt take a long time at all.
Wash n gos may not be for your hair and you need to accept it.
Honestly, it's not worth putting damaging chemicals in your hair that'll take you a step back eventually just for a different curly pattern. When it grows out it's going to be how it was before.
Why can't you wash and go since you say detangling isn't an issue? Or you just don't like the look. You could use a texturizer but from what people have said it can be hit or miss as far as the results. Your hair will be weaker because it is a relaxer. If your hair is that long it would be a lengthy application so by the time you get to the end the hair you started with will have been processing for awhile. Some people do their hair half and half to avoid their hair going straight.

I never braid my freshly washed hair. Drying would take forever.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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