Curl type?

So I'm considering doing wash n go's.
I usually do twists and braidouts but am tired of the styling time.
I tried eco style gel (olive oil) with just the gel, conditioner only, curl enhancing smoothie, and my hair hated all of them.
I have major issues with dryness and tangles and I don't want my wash n go's to take more than an hour.
This is my hair using gel and water.
I believe I was doing the mhm method.
It was too tedious for my liking.
I used herbal essence conditioner and I think aloe Vera gel.
I love my hair when I first wash n go, but as it dries it shrinks and becomes tangles and dry.
When I use heat it makes my hair become a mushroom.
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I believe I'm low porosity with fine med strands through out my hair with med -thick density.
I'm not completely sure though, so correct me if it appears to be something else. My hair also hates coconut oil. But likes castor and shea and avacado.

Heres more pics after using the mhm method. I stopped at the third day because it was tedious,i could just use the clay and leave in, but im not sure what would be the best at clumping my curls so they wont tangle that bad.
heres more pics of it drying.
When it dried i didnt like the results since it felt dry and tangled.
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Would letting it dry in 4 big twists it braids or putting it in puffs on my hair help to prevent dryness and shrinkage at the root too?
I noticed naturalme4c is able to achieve wash n gos and her hair doesn't seem to be extremely tangled afterwards. Her afro is gorgeous.

Thank you!
The only thing I can offer you is that I have been doing the mhm too... I followed the exact directions for 7 days in the beginning... and I strongly believe the baking soda was drying my hair right out. If you do the clarifying step every time, try to switch baking soda with acv sometimes, and also if you're not putting a lot of diff products on then you may not even need all of that clarifying every time ( I clarify once a week).

Also, when I do the clay rinse, I add honey, so the ingredients are clay, warm water, honey, olive oil or almond oil. That's it. But use like 2 or 3 tbsp honey. When I increased the honey in the clay wash, I noticed softer hair and more of that clumping everyone talks about. I don't like wash and go's, so right now it's just mhm and protective styling. But maybe if you try stopping the baking soda clarifying and adding more honey to your clay wash, I imagine that would bring you closer to what you're looking for.

"Don't look back and ask why, look forward and ask why not!?" - Unk.
I have been wearing wash and go for about a decade. Shrinkage comes with the territory. Shrinkage results in shape and big hair. Diffusing helps. More products helps (I only use one product, Fruit of the Earth Aloe vera gel. I don't know what I would do without it).

I tried the MHM and it didn't work for me. made my wash-n-gos a mess. The clay never seems to rinse it and it made my hair curl oddly.

Are you raking? have you tried shingling? Are you detangling while the conditioner is in? Are you applying the gel in sections and raking it through? Is your hair soaking wet when you put the gel in? Is the gel making your hair crunchy (which is why I can only use FOTE)?

And what do you mean by more than an hour? Drying time? Ha! my hair takes all day to try.

Diffusing might be your best bet. 1) it dries quicker 2 ) it dried in an enlongated state

Good luck!
I did the acv Instead of the baking soda, the soda may be too drying
Now I'm off the method, but I have the products I need to redo it again, but I'm trying to use up all my products before trying the method again
What leave in do you use btw?
I use kinky curly knot today and its good for detangling but not very moisturizing, unless I'm using it wrong
I was considering doing the wash n go like naptural85 winterize wash n go
I might just use braids instead of twists to get a greater stretch and have it lay down more
I'll look you banding
Thanks for the idea!
Just aloe vera gel?
And your hair doesn't feel dry?
That's my biggest issue with wash n gos, really dry hair
The gels I used like eco made my hair flake and didn't have hold
I tried raking and shingling but my hair fros up right after
Diffusing made it dryer, I might need to try it on cool air instead
I may just need to wait for my hair to get longer so gravity can make it hang

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