Almond Jai twisting butter issue

So I bought the twisting butter gonna whim. The ingredients look good and not stripping.
I tried it two different times.
I first used a leave in and twisted my hair with it.
My hair felt really dry when I took it out the twists.
I decided to try it with just the product on damp hair.
My hair STILL felt dry when unraveling and I couldn't even separate the twist. It felt coated and a bit hard and became frizzy.
When applying the product my strands felt dry, which is when I knew the product the product may not work .
Has anyone else had this issue with this product? Most people love this product and says their hair feels moisturized and soft, yet my $5 cantu leave in conditioner does a much better job with soft twistouts then this $15.99 8 oz product.
my hair totally HATED it. every way I tried my hair felt greasy and dry. I ended up using it as a body butter. I have accepted my hair does not like butters although some people act like 4s should use them. Also I wonder if the almond milk is protein which my hair is funny about.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Yeah I think the almonds were the source of my issue too.
My hair doesn't mind butters, just depends on the ingredients. My hair likes Shea butter and the products that tend to work for me contains a good amount of it. Hair hates coconut oil though.
What products do you use to twist by the way?
For a long time I used conditioner as my styler with a little oil. Now I use conditioner, oil, and gel.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I got the best shiny soft twistout with hold using the super complex deep treatment mask from shea moisture.
Even though it contains coconut oil high on the list,it didnt make my hair hard.

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