Do you think women with type 4b/4c hair(that isn't long) tend to have an attitude?

I'm specifically speaking about BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN UNDER THE AGE OF 40 with this type of hair. (i'm black american too btw)

Now I have this hair texture, and it is long. But from my personal experiences I've only met a few young natural sistas with my hair texture that didn't have an attitude. I've noticed that this new trend of naturals seem to be doing it as a "fad" or "trend" or because they have no other choice(chemical damage or weave damage). They don't seem to embrace their hair the way the older black sistas do.
And when I say attitude, I mean the attitude of 'low self esteem" or jealous of every female that walks by or complaining about a sista having a weave or relaxed hair (as if she wished she had it).

I mean it's ridiculous. At first I was happy about the new movement, but these young women are not sincere to me at all. I love my 4b/4c natural hair, been natural for over a decade and yes(before the fad) i was teased as a kid(I was an 80s kid teased usually by other girls in high school and junior high because I had longer hair so I assume it was jealousy) about it and didn't care. Now that it seems to be a "fad" these girls seem to not really be sincere about embracing their natural hair. Honestly I think many are going natural just to see if their hair is not a 4b/4c texture.

It's really sad so much hatred among black americans (this includes Caribbeans, south american continent, and the continent of north america), I know it's due to white supremacy, but one way to start combating that mentality is to start with the children.
I have not noticed any attitude from 4bc. Usually my encounters with women with natural hair is generally positive. The nasty looks I get sometimes are from women wearing sewins especially in the bss. But since I stopped going to the black and asian owned bss and stick to Sally's it's not as much because they don't sell as much hair.where black and asian owned hair is like 90% of the inventory. the staff at a few of these stores were rude or not helpful I think because natural hair is not their cash cow.

I have been natural 7 years so no fad here. In high school my hair wasn't very long but a lot of the girls were crazy jealous of me. I hated hs. I refuse to go to any reunions.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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