So I'm mainly avoiding glycerin. Surprisingly, my staples this year have mainly been glycerin free. Its just that now I need extra hold for summer humidity.

Are you concerned with glycerin and co. in your deep conditioners? Or only in your styling products?

I can always go back to the Purification Masque, but I'm loving the Superfruit Complex Masque by SM. The latter has glycerin, but is a dream in my hair.
24y/o - 4a - Medium texture - Medium to high Density - Medium to High porosity - Still figuring things out

Low-Poo: SheaMoisture Moisture Retention
No-poo: Terresentials Pure Earth Hair Wash
Cowash: Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle, SheaMoisture Purification Masque
Leave-in: SheaMoisture Restorative, Nature's Gate Hemp
Styler: SheaMoisture Curling Gel Souffle
Deep Condish: Trying out KBB Luscious Locks, SheaMoisture Purification Masque
Oils: Coconut, Jojoba, SM Elixir