Pineapple doesn't work for me??

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I have collar bone length 3c thick curls and I cannot achieve second day hair. When I take my hair out of the pineapple the back of my hair stretches out too much and the rest of my hair is all scrunched up also it's hard for my curls to fall back into place. Does anyone have any alternative methods and what's your nighttime routine?
I posted a thread a while ago about my non-pineapple. Putting my hair in a pineapple didn't do much for me either. I gently twist my hair up and secure it with a big clip right on top of my head.
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I do what I call a low pineapple. Instead of up. I put my hair in a loose bun to the lower back. Then I just spritz and fluff in the morning. Maybe shake it out. My hair can be like memory foam. If I sleep with my hair in a regular pineapple my hair will want to stay in that awkward stuck up shape. I stress loose bun because otherwise it will overstretch almost straighten my hair. One reason I don't like puffs unless I will be washing right after.
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I have the same problem!! What helps is just doing a loose pony
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I have tried the pineapple numerous times and it still doesn't work for me...I have yet to master 2nd day hair either. If my hair is too tight my curls end up stretched out and the roots of my hair become flat. If my hair is too loose, my hair ends up falling out of the scrunchie/hair tie and ends up being a knotted, frizzy mess the next day. I've just accepted the fact that wash N go's are my thing.....maybe one day I will get it together.
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