Hair looks weird, and help making curls pop!

Hello, everyone I big chop a month ago with some regular scissors and my hair is maybe uneven. However I seen a ton of improvement. It feels soft, but I dont know how to make the curls pop. Or do you think I should wait a bit longer. Below is a pic the next day of a wash and go. I just put leave in and no gel. My hair is protein sensitive and doesn't like cones. It looks great when wet, but once it dries it looks weird to me. Maybe I should have used shears, idk what do you guys think. I believe I am a 4a/b, any hair twins!

Shampoo once a week DIY black soap, with honey and tea tree
Prepoo 1x a week coconut and castor oil
Cowash every other day Trader Joe Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
Leave in KK Knot Today every other day after cowash, then gel
Deep conditioner once a week DIY coconut milk with banana and honey or Shea Moisture Manuka Mask
Gel Homemade Flaxseed
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Yeah you should just wait your hair need more length for it to show curl pattern.

So, I wouldn't worry about showing your curls and just playing with your hair. Check out youtube for twa styles that you can do until maybe...four months to a year?? (depending your hair growth) then you're more likely to do wash and go with ease.
Ok I been searching for tips on Youtube and why is the roots curlier, or when i part it you see it. Do you think I need to trim it, like its bad ends from using the regular scissors or scab hair?
I don't know of it's scab hair but cutting with regular scissors is a bad idea. I just went to Ulta and got new ones. I think your hair looks good. The great thing about curly is it hides unevenness well. I didn't notice any oil or cream. Might be you need to seal in moisture. Try loc
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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