Only parts of hair defined at once?...

Hello! This is my first post here, hopefully I've managed to not break any rules within 5 minutes of joining

So I've been natural for about a year, my hair's between chin and collarbone length (excluding what used to be bangs, I'm trying to grow them out). And I normally wear it in a "wash n go" I'd call it. But the only place that's really be defined would be the very front and very back. Everywhere else was fluff.

"But Lily! You probably just has 4c 4z 4alphabet soup hair!"

Nope! I've still been doing my little wash n goes afros and now the exact opposite happens! My crown area is the most defined, the back is rather fuzzy but still has curls, and the front is just fluff! I thought I was 4c at one point but I guess I was just wrong... Can anyone explain?

TLDR; Hair alternates between fluff and curls. whhyy?
So, there could be a few reasons why your hair is acting a little schizo. 1) Different porosity levels--so what you were doing for one section might not be what the other needs and vice versa 2) you might need to clarify your hair so that you have a blank canvas 3) again some parts might be protein sensitive, the other not so much.

I suggest clarifying and then doing your regular routine and taking notes. Change up your technique, product or heat application to the section that doesn't curl the way you want.

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