How to do wash n go?

I am 3/4 black and 1/4 East Indian but my hair texture is weird. When my hair is wet it stays in wavy but when it dries it turns into an afro and gets super poofy and frizzy. I tried doing a wash n go with just the Deva B' Leave in conditioner but it just froze my hair in ugly waves. My hair doesn't curl at all. It just eats whatever product I put in and still turns frizzy, and afro-like. What can I do to make it curl more and not be so wavy? I am at the point of just slapping a relaxer in it and flat-ironing it because I don't know what to do with it. Because I don't know what to do with it I always put it in a high bun but it pulls back my edges.

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Have you tried using gels? They are designed to enhance your wave or curl pattern and freeze them in place although they might make your hair crunchy. Wet your hair, apply your leave in if you want, and then add the gel and air dry/diffuse.
Also if your hair is naturally wavy I'm not exactly sure if you can make it curly. I know you're mostly black but someone with a wavy curl pattern may be able to help you more than most people here. I've heard women with wavy hair ask how can they make it more curly. I don't know if they were successful in making it curly. Maybe someone in the 2 hair type section could help you.
Just because you are mostly black (or even of you were fully black) it doesn't mean your hair will curl in a particular way.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wavy hair.

Like Curlista93 said you should use a gel after your leave in preferably alcohol free.
Sounds like with the frizz you are experiencing you need to layer a styler over your conditioner. Also be sure that your hair is not over moisturized (mushy when wet, stretchy, or greasy feeling). This could make your hair less defined or frizzy. Lastly...some of us people of color have waves. You just may be one of those such people.
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