Experiences with Henna?

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i have BAQ henna in my hair now, in since 9am and it's 10:30. i sat under the dryer (with a plastic cap) for 30 minutes. about to rinse and apply indigo for another hour.

what exactly is a henna gloss?
Originally Posted by dark&stormy
It's when you take a small amount of henna and mix it with conditioner and apply it. I use 2-3Tbsp, but some use more.
Nappy is not an 'N' word.

I love this thread!!! I've been reading from the very beginning for days now and i'm still not finish!

I've already done henna twice and about to do it for the third time.. it's all mixed up!

Isn't it such happy feeling when u get ur henna!

anyway... I was wondering do u ladies think it's better to put the henna on damp hair or air dried hair? is there a difference? The first 2 times I did it on damp hair, and while my hair is a bit softer, i still think it could be a whole lot better.
Originally Posted by CurlyDrea
I always do it on dry hair. I tried it on wet hair once and will never ever ever EVAH do that again. Ugh! What a drippy mess! I didn't see any difference in results, either. (I started out applying to dry hair. Tried the wet, went back to dry.)
Nappy is not an 'N' word.

So, I am thinking about using Henna and Indigo to dye my hair back black. Currently, My hair is blue, and I thought that Henna/Indigo. So, I see that there are a number of different things that you mix henna with to make your concoction, so I was wondering if there are some that are more beneficial than others. I'm not going to henna for a while, but i definitely would appreciate some help with my first Henna/Indigo experience.
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I'm a guy. Seems like we're pretty rare in these forums...

My fotki
hehehehe! This is the craziest addiction!

This is on a cloudy day after 5 full head hennas

And this after number 6 ( this last Friday) this is what my white hairs look like indoors no natural light no flash. Do y'all see all the new growth at my hair line?!! WOOT!
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I wanted to play it safe and start off with the Cassia. I did my first on Friday and love how soft my hair is. I am doing my second one today after coming back from the beach. Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to love playing with this.

I am interested in trying henna; but worry that the thickening will not be good for me. My hair is already super thick and I only want the conditioning and shine. Should I avoid henna?
Originally Posted by rosscd
All the henna heads on this board will say no!
However there are other options!

Lots of ladies love Amla - strength shine and curl clumpage for many ladies!

It adds enough weight to give great hang and will not loosen your curl pattern like Henna can

Cassia is much more temporary but adds shine'

Good luck!
Originally Posted by CurlyLolo
4a Curly

Been natural since Jan 09. BCing is my thing!! Love to keep a tight TWA!

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I should have done this a long time ago instead of trying to be cheap!

I love the color of my hair, its not too noticable, but it has a cherry color to it, the same color i tried to get with a semi perimenant color that colored my scalp more than my hair.

Plus, no color on my scalp or hair line, its all on the hair.

THANKS LADIES for the inspiration
Guess what........ WE ARE ALL IGNORANT

ACCEPT PEOPLES HAIR REGARDLESS IF IT'S NATURAL OR CHEMICALLY ALTERED ! that is probable the hardest thing anyone can do

I am glad it is working for you! I am looking forward to seeing your results!
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I have henna on my head this very moment...won't be rinsing until 1pm tomorrow!!!
"If you can't beat 'em join 'em"
Currently suffering a PJ relapse

I should have done this a long time ago instead of trying to be cheap!

I love the color of my hair, its not too noticable, but it has a cherry color to it, the same color i tried to get with a semi perimenant color that colored my scalp more than my hair.

Plus, no color on my scalp or hair line, its all on the hair.

THANKS LADIES for the inspiration
Originally Posted by peanutbutter.brownsugar
Congratulations on joining team henna!!

I have henna on my head this very moment...won't be rinsing until 1pm tomorrow!!!
"If you can't beat 'em join 'em"
Currently suffering a PJ relapse
Peaunutbutter.brown sugar & henna Beauty

WELCOME to Henna-dom!
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First henna completed today!!! Not quite sure about my final verdict---will wait until 3rd/4th application to decide if it's a keeper or not. Still, I'm excited
So I am considering Henna and Indigo...any tips?

am I the only one that experiences more frizz right after a henna treatment followed by great curl formations about 3 days afterwards?
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I do Henna (100g)/Cassia (220) Treatments with water, honey, EO's and a touch of conditioner. Then a deep conditioner afterwards. There is no way for my hair to be dry!!
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I fell upon this forum today by accident. I was reading another forum page when it mentioned using Henna so I started researching. I have 4a hair and transitioning. I have been transitioning since about August '08. I still have about 3 inches of perm hair. Not quite ready to do the big chop. Anyway, I am wanting to try this Henna and Cassia out. I am worried about thickening my hair since it's already very thick. Does it promote growth? Can you sleep with it in your hair and wash out in the morning? Any other benefits to this? My hair is very dark brown so I don't expect to see color. But it sounds interesting to try. Any suggestions on use and benefits? Thanks.
Just poking my head in to say, HI HENNA HEADS!!! I haven't been on the board in a while, and I see so many new names

Curlylolo and Crazy Kinky Curly, I love your avatars! Gorgeous hair!

I'm currently henna'ing once or twice a month-- it's been once a month lately due to my schedule. Same recipe (200g of henna, green tea, honey), same great results. I've tried almost every henna over at mehandi.com and highly rec' the Punjabi Prime and Henna for AA if you already like the Jamila. PP rinses out like butter

Later chicas!
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Hey CurlyNikki

Thanks you much, that is high praise coming from you!!

I have tried the henna for AA hair and have a stock pile of Jamila...but my latest greatest find is Nupur henna. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM that is some good ish!

It is hard to NOT henna every week . I am really making an effort to wait TWO weeks between henna-ings!
Curly? Why yes, yes I Am

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So guess who was so impatient, she decided to find (and succeeded in finding) a local whole saler Catherine is taking too long and I'm ready to get this show on the road.

I left work early today after having a 1hr conversation w/ a henna artist and professor (of Genetics) from India. She moved to the US when she was a little girl and has been hennaing her hair (beautiful hair by the way) since she was 7. She buys her BAQ henna directly from India in medium quantities and uses it for her side job. The coolest part is that one of the classes she teaches at Peace College (here in the Triangle) discusses eastern and middle eastern traditions and she does a whole month on henna, its uses, and how to apply it to skin and hair!

I met her at her home at lunch time and bought 500grams. She supplied me with gloves and a carrot application tube and lots of information (most of which I'd already learned from this thread and hennaforhair.com)

She frequents the hennaforhair.com site and recommended it, if I hadn't found it yet. I told her that thanks to Spiral I knew allllll about hennaforhair and that I'd spent most of the last month lurking around. She greatly respects Catherine and thinks that it is great that I support her. I'm happy to have found a reliable, educated, local vendor in the area!!! You never know when you'll need a henna fix

I mixed up my batch a few minutes ago and I'll probably apply it first thing in the morning. I'm definitely going to do a harvested hair test first...probably over night. She offered me some of her frozen henna from her last batch, but I declined. The process of mixing it up is fun too Plus, she used a little lemon juice and I wanted to use (and did use) ACV.

I'll keep you guys posted!!! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas

Edited to add: She thinks that the henna will work great on my hair...she said she can tell that I've been cassia'ing because of the shine and the softness (she was all in my head!!) and she thinks that it'll absorb the henna rather quickly. She wants to see my results ASAP, so I'll probably go back to her house sometime over the weekend!
Originally Posted by curlynikki

Hey curlyniki,

Can you tell me where she is? I am local in NC. Work in RTP and live in Franklinton. I would love to purchase from someone that is reputable. You can pm if you like. I've been reading these threads and really would like to give it a try. Does she sell the Cassia also?
yay I've been lurking for far too long! My henna for african hair has arrived from Mehandi.com well I got the black for african hair bundle because I want my hair to come out black. I really want to do it tonight, but I'm trying to hold off until the weekend. I'm going to read some more posts so that I'm comfortable with henna'ing this weekend!
Been a long time... I shouldn't have left you...

Re-Visiting Old Products & Checking out some new products... Coming up with a whole new hair routine... I've neglected my sexy kinks for far too long!

I'm baaaaccckk!

Being a Diva is a full time job...
I have everything I would need to henna and yet still have not tried it! I also have cassia!

However, I did do a henna treatment to my cousin. She wanted to dye her hair jet black so I did a henna and then indigo treatment on her.

The henna was easy to mix, apply and rinse. The indigo was another story! I used the same mix as Curly Nikki for the henna.

I guess I will stop being chicken and try it out soon, I hope. My schedule is kind of hectic (preparing for the CPA exam , please PRAY for me!)

I think I will try the Cassia first...

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