Do any of you only use shampoo, no conditioner?

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I'm trying to hone down my product usage.

I want to use a natural shampoo with very few synthetic ingredients, but one that will impart detangling properties and softness, so that i can forgo using a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner afterward.

anyone? is it easy to maintain healthy hair without using conditioner of any kind?

my hair stats: lengthy 4aish-3cish hair (one length all around. front of breasts in front, bottom of shoulder blades in back) thick, very tangly.

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Aubrey Organics has shampoos that many people say detangles their hair nicely. I have the AO replenishing conditioner and it's great.
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Join Date: Apr 2001
Posts: 5,996
thanks for the reply. it's been a while since i've used aubrey organic shampoo. i may give the honeysuckle rose shampoo a try since it's moisturizing.

anyone else?
"Dogs stink too, but I like dog stink." ~ rileyb
The idea of using shampoo without conditioner is alarming to me, because my hair would dry out in a New York minute. I think if I were going to eliminate one, it'd be the shampoo, and I'd just use conditioner.
I'm the other way around. I pretty much eliminated the shampoo.

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