View Poll Results: Do You Have A Tender Scalp/Head?
Yes 11 52.38%
No 4 19.05%
It Used To Be, But Now It's Not 2 9.52%
It Wasn't Before, But Now It Is 4 19.05%
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Do You Have A Tender Scalp/Head?

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When I was first transitioning, my head was really tender. It isn't anymore though.
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I do
And hoping that it gets better! :holdbreath:holdbreath.gif
I dont consider myself to be at all. But I tell you, sunday I had a new set of cornrows done to my head and she did them waaaaaay too tight. I had a headache all day yesterday. It was to the point that I was going to remove them. Instead I just removed the rubberbands. 100% better. She tied those so tight. And the whole time she was doing my hair, I told her not to do it so tight. Now I need to rephrase that and tell her not to put the rubberbands so tight. So at this point I dont care if the braids unravel. I can still slap on a headscarf.
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When I was younger and natural, my scalp was very tender. After I started relaxing, the tenderness went away. Now that I'm natural again, I find my tender scalp returning. My hairdresser said the tenderness is because I'm not manipulating my hair as much as I did when I had a relaxer.
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It used to be when I was relaxing, but not so much anymore.

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I am tender-headed more in certain areas than others. I am most tender-headed in the front of my head and the area right under the crown to the nape (it makes me cringe sometimes when I comb it if it's tangled). Other parts don't bother me as much.
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My scalp was very tender before I was relaxed, but when I got older and relaxed it wasn't at all. Now that I'm natural again it's tender again, but I guess not as bad as it was when I was a child.
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I had it re-wetted at a salon today and had to ask the shampooer to go easy.

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Yes, and it hasn't changed with age. I was "tenderheaded" as a girl and I'm still "tenderheaded" as a 40+ year old woman.

The bright side of having a tender scalp is that it forces me to be gentle to my hair, which helps me retain growth.
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