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Personally, if my stylist's hair doesn't look right, I don't feel comfortable with her/him doing my hair. Some people may think that they're too busy to do their own hair but I believe they should make an effort because people may think their hair is a reflection of their ability to work on other people's hair.

I was thinking about this because of a bad experience I had when I was a teen and I just realized I never saw my stylist's real hair. It was always in wigs/weaves etc....Kinda like Brandy and how people have not seen her real hair circa 1994.
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some stylists use themselves as guinnea pigs to find out how new products work. So I can forgive a bit of "bad hair day". But consistent bad hair days would give me pause.
Yeah, I care a lot. I don't care so much if it's not styled in the latest--in fact I don't want to see a bird's nest on top of your head. I expect to see your hair thick, clean, and no breakage, because it shows me that you're into hair maintainence and health, not just stying.
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My stylist owns two salons and works all day, so ends up not putting alot of attention into her her. She wears a weave and sometime it looks crazy, but she is considered one of the best stylist in the tri state area. Shes the one who did my BC.

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Curlee, I can understand your stylist's situation. At the salon I feel most comfortable at, everyone's hair is on point and I feel great about them doing my hair. In the past, I've been to many places (I don't feel comfortable saying salons) where their hair looked awful (and that's putting it mildly) and my hair also looked horrible afterwards. I guess I'm still scared about going somewhere where my stylist's hair doesn't look good.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
I had a hair stylist who always had her hair in a untidy bun. She had women killing themselves to get in her chair. She really cared about her clients' hair and it showed. Her clients had long, thick and healthy hair. God I miss her. She moved away.
I had a stylist once that told me she was in the grocery store. She saw this lady whose hair looked AWFUL...weave with the tracts half hanging and etc. Pure mess. My hair dresser said she went up to the lady and offered her a business card. She told the lady that if she needed a stylist, call the number. The lady with the big mess on her head responded that she was a hair stylist too and she didn't need my hairstylist's help. Au contraire! If a stylist stops and offers to help you, the do must not be doing too well....
When I ws texturised, I went to a salon where the ladies had really nice hair. The saklon looked neat tidy professionale tc. I stopped going when I realised the chemicals were not for me. This was nothing to do with their technique though.

Fast forward a few years and I moved back into the area. I popped into the my old salon because I hunting for some braid pieces, and they used to sell lots. well whay a surprise! the salon was almost empty this alone looks suspicious on a saturday morning, lol!. the two hair pieces they had looked as if they needed dust blown from them. The place looked old and worn, the old stylists had gone. And the owners hair was a hot mess! with the translucent hairline......
My stylist back home has beautiful natural hair (3c), she does experiment with some wild styles (not ghetto, but definently unique). She caters to relaxed and natural clients and all of them have extra long locks... She was my inspiration to grow my hair out. I cant wait until fall break, I'm getting my hair done!

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