how often do you detangle?

idk about you, but i acutally like my hair better when i brush it through daily with my denman knockoff. if i don't, my hair gets all tangly and doesnt clump correctly. this could be due to the fact that my hair is thin, so any tangles= super shrunken hair, but i generally find my hair takes products and everything better if i detangle.

so ladies, how often do you brush/comb your hair thoroughly?
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Once a week I detangle with the Denman or my wide toothed comb. If I wear my hair out 2-3 days in a row, I just cowash and then detangle with my fingers.

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I fingercomb my hair every time I wet it...3 times a week.
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I'll rub some oil and shea butter and brush it out (dry or very slightly spritzed damp) every week or so before I wash, and usually detangle with my fingers every time it's wet (2-3 times a week). Sometimes I'll use a comb
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I have to detangle with my shower comb every time I wet/co-wash my hair because I noticed the curls lay differently when my hair is matted or tangled close the the root.

Another plus is that I have less shed hair all at once now compared to before when I waited until Sunday to detangle.

No more clogged drains for me or sticky-with-conditioner hair stuck to my shoulders!
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i use a comb to detangle everytime I co-wash, but I detangle with with a brush every week.
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I'll rub some oil and shea butter and brush it out (dry or very slightly spritzed damp) every week or so before I wash, and usually detangle with my fingers every time it's wet (2-3 times a week). Sometimes I'll use a comb
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe
Same for me, except I use organic coconut oil. But I also brush the oil on dry or slightly spritzed damp hair. I find this keeps my hair from matting up, and I don't get those knots on my ends. I'll finger comb when I co-wash 1-2x's per week.
Every time I co-wash or condition (2-4x a week), I comb my hair through with my fingers. It's a must for the conditioner to get well-distributed.

I used to also brush once a week to get rid of the shed hair, but now I've stretched that every two weeks; less manipulation for my hair and also a surprisingly small increase in the amount of shed hair considering I'm going double the time w/out removing it thoroughly.
i NEED to detangle more often. i was doing the finger thing for over a month and last night when i detangled with a k-cutter comb i had SO much hair come out it was unbelievable. i had a palmful and a half of hair but then today my hair still looks the same fullness. anyway, i'm going to start detangling weekly...
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i detangle about every 3 to 5 days sometimes a week but i use the banding method which has allowed me to stretch my hair out and retain looots of length and when i detangle i moisturize with my bottle that i mixed coconut oil shea butter almond oil and olive oil and i apply it hotor sometimes i just do a twist out or do a twist out and put it in a bun also one thing i love is curl formers they are great and you can get them really cheap on i also like teatree and caster and avacado oil and argan oil but ive never tried grapeseed oil
I detangle in the shower when i wash which is every week or every two depending on how i feel. I might be doing it wrong but i totally don't know what take everyone so long.(which I read alot of times) Takes me 5-10mins. I will add that i do keep my hair at stretched as possible.
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one a week for right now, but that might change sooner or later.
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The past two weeks, I've found detangling to be a breeze. On wash day, I spritz my hair with water and then section my hair while applying my cowash and then twist it up. This barely takes me 20 minutes. Then I let my cowash (Eden Bodyworks) sit in my hair no longer than 20 minutes and I wash it out. I don't have to do any additional detangling, washing or deep conditioning because allowing the cowash to sit in my hair took care of all three. I end up with clean, soft and detangled hair that I can easily style.
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