Post pictures of your 4a/4b hair

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The first pic was taken about 3 months ago
One pic is the day of my big chop... some relaxed ends were still there

the next is 2 months later

then 1month after that

the one with the braids was taken today, Im loving my faux hawk
My hair is growing pretty fast, I think
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Best twist out yet!

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Originally Posted by mocha_mom
Originally Posted by NoireNapps
That is a bomb ass twist out! Its so defined, what products did you use??

2nd day wash and go with darcys coiling jelly

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Coily, Kinky & Nappy.

2nd day wash and go with darcys coiling jelly

Originally Posted by Ketchup
Oh my! *wipes drool*
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My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

Love: QB - all of it, Bobeam - shampoo bars, Darcy's Botanicals - Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, Coconut Cupuacu Pomade, KBN - Shealoe Leave-in, Oyin - Juices & Berries, Kinky Curly - Knot Today, Ayurvedic treatments, my Denman and the cloud of kinky goodness on my head that I get to play with!
JoSomebody, the little girl in your siggy....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *catches breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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2nd day wash and go with darcys coiling jelly

Originally Posted by Ketchup
Oh my! *wipes drool*
Originally Posted by Jo Somebody
Lol. Thanks jo!


Coily, Kinky & Nappy.

Messy bun from an old braidout.

The "bangs" from the same hairstyle as above.

My hair unstretched.
last relaxer 08/08/09
all natural since 7/30/10

Shrinkage happens.
I used the banding method to stretch my hair out some, except on my bangs. For my bangs, I used Miss Jessie's Silkening Stretch Creme
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Co-washed and styled with Suave Everlasting Sunshine. Tomorrow I'll try it again with Biotera gel on top.

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^ i did not like this conditioner, just didnt wow me Ive been using it on my weave though , so waste not , want not.

love your hair though
^ i did not like this conditioner, just didnt wow me Ive been using it on my weave though , so waste not , want not.

love your hair though
Originally Posted by Cerendipity
How does conditioner benefit your weave? Detangling?
How does conditioner benefit your weave? Detangling?
Originally Posted by MokikaStyle
Yup, detangling is how it works best on my weave. On my natural hair it wasn't moisturizing enough as a cowash
A recent Wash n' go. For some reason I can always get a better back picture than front! >.<
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My hair tends to love: honey, oils, water, ceramides, dye
4s/3s kinks and curls. CG, Coarse and medium strands, Low and normal porosity, High Density.

My infamous deployment pony after abandoning shampoo and gel for a week

After a day or two messing with it before I wash

I think with these pictures it's easy to understand how my hair can tie itself in knots, and still be able to lay flat with a few swipes from one of those spiky Denman brushes. Nobody understands, and I always have some natural acquaintance everywhere I go who just swears if I use the same products as them (or a friend, who usually a 2c /3b) my hair will look like theirs...
No shampoo, no hair pins, no heat, no puffs... Just buns.

Almost MBL

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Originally Posted by Samiahjoi

OMG!!!! friggin' love.......drooling @ bottom pic.
My Fotki

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TresEmme Curl Moisture Conditioner
Aloe Vera Gel
Let's Jam

Hair Type: Kinky Coily

First decent Wash n Go

Hair Type: 4D/5A living in sub-tropical humidity hell
•BC'ed after 22 months of transitioning (May 2012)
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