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Originally Posted by mariag002 View Post
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This thread is so intimidating
What do you mean? Don't you wanna read 52 pages? LOL

You're better off just asking a question and getting a response. We all henna for different reason. I love the color it gives my hair. I hate the chemicals in hair dyes so Henna is a great alternative. I also like how the Henna makes my hair feel. Others use henna because they like how it makes their hair have less shrinkage.
Yes, it seems those are the reasons most people henna, from what I've skimmed...and all those are good reasons for me.

I have previously colored hair (over a year ago) that still in my hair. How will the henna react with that? Will it go over it and dye it? Will my hair come out two different colors?

I am trying for an indigo/black when I first henna.
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