My little Sandhya is 11 days old and still at 13 % below birth weight. She hasn't gained any weight since we left the hospital at 2 days old. She is 5lbs 5 oz (2.4 kg).

So after being harassed daily by public health nurse visits, I finally took her in to the doctor after a week. He thought she looked fine, but then 4 days later, with still no weight gain, he sent us over to see a pediatrician. Ped thinks she looks fine but and that baby's sometimes take 10 days to just equilibrate to being out in the world, but now we should start seeing some weight gain, however slowly it might happen. If she still doesn't start gaining, then he will look into malabsorption or heart issues - neither of which are apparent.

I haven't been given any real instructions other than breastfeed on demand but don't let her go more than 3 hours without feeding. And since I'm pumping, if she seems hungry after a feed (but too tired to keep nursing), I can top her up with EBM. I do this maybe once or twice a day.

Anyways, I'm not worried about her because she looks healthy and alert. Karan had weight gain issues when he was older, but he was a 9 lb brute of a newborn so this is a new experience. She's just so small and quiet!

Can anyone share their experiences with a little newborn and how long it took for the weight to start packing on?