I can sympathize. I've decided to post on the 2a board instead of 3a because my hair is much thinner than most (from looking at their pictures). I've tried some of the 3a gel recommendations and they are usually to heavy for my hair. I do better with the lighter products or mixing the heavier/stronger gels with lighter products.

I have not used any of the Jessicurl or Deva products yet. I have so much stuff already and nothing seems to get the same results twice. Plus some of these products are so expensive with shipping, and then you are unhappy .

I thought going with the flow of my natural wavy/curly hair would be easier not harder, but it is so frustrating when your hair won't look the same way twice. I love the way it looks maybe once a week, but can't repeat it. And I spend way too much time looking at it and messing with it.

Oh, that was a bit of a rant there....sorry....I'm just having a "I hate my hair day."
3a fine, thin, loose curls