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Default Stomach Virus-HELP

River has been puking every evening for 3 days. He is fine during the day except he has diarreah and then pukes at night. Poor little guy. We took him in the first night after I freaked out b/c it was so thick he was choking on it. It scared me to death. Last night it was watery and tonight it was thick again. the base hospital is CRAP. I wish I were in the states- I would take him somewhere where they gave a damn....Grrrrr....

i'm scared he is getting dehydrated, so i am trying to give him pedialite, Juice-Water, etc. He refuses a bottle, so we have been syringing it into his mouth every now & then. Today, i thought he was all better & gave him his regular bottles of Formula. Well, they came back up tonight & it was thick again & he was choking on it. Like bad enough to where I had to turn him face down & smack his back. My question is- i feel like the formula might be too much on his sick tummy, but I feel liek i am starving him if I dont give him Formula for a long period of time.....

Any advice??- like I said- the hospital here is BULL$h!t & made me feel liek i was over-reacting & it was no big deal.....
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